Yangzhou Plush toys Focus on European Football Championship and Disney

2016/06 admin

"I am a football fan! After the Spring Festival, I was planning to make a number of 'football' and mascot for the European Football Championship and sold these plush football to Europe. "Mr.Shi said that in order to catch the European Championship,his factory produced a number of "football" two months in advance  "


2016 European Football Championships started yesterday evening , the world's football fans will enter into one month's "European time." But in Yangzhou, there are a group of people busy for the European Championship.

Reporter yesterday learned that in Wutinglong toy market that summer was the off-season of plush toy sales, however, the European Football Championships and opening of Shanghai Disneyland brought new business opportunities for Yangzhou plush toys. In order to catch the European Championship, Yangzhou plush toy manufacturers produce plush toys two months ahead of time. In the European arena, you can also see plush toys made by Yangzhou manufacturers.