Adorable Harry Potter Plush Toys Now Available in the US!

2016/12 admin

A Japanese toy company developed Harry Potter plush toys and they are now being made available for sale in the United States and Canada!

A new soft plush line of Harry Potter inspired toys is set to be released in the United States and Canada. The Japanese created toys are adorable little 8 and 5 inch stuffed figures including Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Dobby and Hedwig the owl.

Later in 2017 there will be another release of additional toys with more Harry Potter characters you know and love. Just take a moment to imagine how cute a little Hagrid or Dumbledore would be!

The plush dolls range in size but their adorableness is clear throughout each item in the toy line. Just look at how cute these dolls are! The thing about these toys is that fans of any age would love to have them.

They are so adorable and snuggly and you can forget the dark things that lie ahead for every character in this series. Dobby didn’t die, he’s a cute little stuffed animal on your bed. Harry’s life was always happy because he’s a smiling little toy!

Starting around Thanksgiving, fans can find limited quantities of the toys in stores such as Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic, GameStop, Books-a-Million, and Toys R’ Us. Fans can also purchase them at this website but they will be in extremely limited quantities there as well.

How great would these be for a holiday present for the Harry Potter fan in your life? They’re adorable! Especially that fluffy Hedwig!

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