New Pikachu stuffed toys back in a ketchup bottle

2020/05 admin

Stuffed Toys Manufacturer

Pikachu is back in another stuffed animal form. This one is among the most unusual ever. The cute toy comes in a ketchup bottle. Yes, that’s right.

This Pikachu stuffed animal is a limited edition. Of course he is not coming in an actual ketchup bottle, but a plush one. It’s styled after other Pocket Monsters, Rocketnews24 reports.

But there is some real ketchup involved, too. You won’t be able to buy this version of the “Ketchup Pikachu” in the toy stores.

No. The only way is to buy real ketchup from the Japanese brand Kagome. They are using the toys as the official mascot and rewards for their “Mad About Ketchup! Pokémon Campaign 2017”.

You will have to buy at least two of their products and mail the proofs of purchase along with a special postcard. This will enter you into a drawing for one of the 500 Ketchup Pikachu toys along with the ketchup sleeping bag.

There are 1000 consolation prizes, too. They are Pikachu place mats. The contest will run from February 1st to March 31st. This gives you enough time to either go to Japan and enter the drawing or find a friend there who will do that for you.

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