Canada recently recalled plush toys made in China

2020/05 admin

"Due to small parts within the toy may be loose parts off and may lead to the risk of child suffocation, Canada recently recall 3 China made toys, one of them is plush toys."

Product Name: Chinese  made plush toys
Stuffed Toys Manufacturer

November 15, 2016, Canada Ministry of Health and Suraj Enterprises Inc. announced the voluntary recall on Chinese-made plush toys .
The recalled product is Souvenir Canada Furry Friends plush toys. Models include moose, bear and beaver. The foot of the toy is embroidered with a red maple leaf pattern and the words "Canada". The recalled product information is as follows,
Stuffed Toys Manufacturer
The recalled products in July 2013 ~ November 2016 in various stores in Canada sold 2,265. The reason for the recall was that the Canadian Department of Health determined that the toys were not in compliance with Canadian safety requirements. Plush toys on the hard plastic eyes may fall off, resulting in the risk of child suffocation. Up to now, Canada Ministry of Health and Suraj Enterprises have not received any incident reports or personal injury reports related to the use of the product. For information on how to choose a safety toy, see the General Toy Safety Tips.