US Toy New Standard ASTM F963-16 will take effect on April 30

2017/02 admin

Recently,the US Consumer Safety Commission (CPSC) passed the latest version ofthe Consumer Safety Code - Toys Safety (ASTM F963-16) issued by theAmerican Society for Materials and Testing (ASTM), which means that ASTMF963-16 will be available in 2017 On the 30th entry into force, become a mandatory toy standards. Thecertification of the toy produced on the date of entry into force andsubsequent production (child product certificate) shall be tested inaccordance with ASTM F963-16. The United States Mandatory Standard Consumer Products Safety Act(CPSA) and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) haveintroduced ASTM F963 requirements for Chinese toy export enterprises, donot meet the requirements of ASTM F963-16 toys can not enter the USmarket.
 Thenew standard in general more stringent, such as mechanical physics,kinetic energy testing more detailed and more stringent; electric toyson the rechargeable battery requirements are very strict, the test timeis very long, may be to reach a month, the corresponding increase in thecost of a lot. Chemistry is mainly to clarify some of the indicators of microbial detection. "
Hereminded the relevant toy companies should be fully prepared for theuse of rechargeable battery toys, such as remote control cars, remotecontrol aircraft manufacturers to do a good job in advance batterycharge and discharge, overcharge, short circuit test, because the testcycle is very long, not necessarily Can be passed, so to test in advance.
ASTM F963-16 accepted the views of the parties before March 6, 2017.If a negative negative comment is received, the CPSC will issue a noticein the Federal Register to withdraw the relevant terms before the rulestake effect.
Therevised standards related to the sound of toys, electric toys andbatteries, magnets toys, catapult toys, toys and other toy toys, thephysical and mechanical properties of toys, heavy metal elements,microbial safety and other aspects of the standard made a certain change.